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The archives of the Cognacq-Jay museum are mostly devoted to reference documents covering the diverse array of works (drawings, paintings, sculptures, miniatures, furniture and other objects) which make up the collection bequeathed to the City of Paris in 1928 by Ernest Cognacq and his wife, as well as the works which have been added to this collection in the intervening years.

The archives are home to over 1,200 item-specific dossiers, plus around 2000 academic works, monographs, exhibition catalogues and catalogues of other collections with links to the Cognacq-Jay museum and the artists – primarily active in the eighteenth-century – represented here. The archives also include an extensive collection of press clippings concerning Ernest Cognacq and his wife, the Samaritaine de Luxe (1925-1927) and the inauguration of the Musée Cognacq-Jay on the Boulevard des Capucines in 1929.

Library resources

List of books available for on-site consultation at the library (in French)

Architecture, urbanisme, décor intérieur (PDF , 66.5 Ko) Les Cognacq-Jay (PDF , 63.2 Ko) Collections muséales (PDF , 178.2 Ko) Dessin, miniatures & céramique (PDF , 62 Ko) Histoire de l'art et XVIIIe siècle (PDF , 68.6 Ko) Littérature et monographies (PDF , 76.1 Ko) Mobilier, objets d'art & mode (PDF , 71 Ko) Monographies (PDF , 102.5 Ko) Peinture & dessin (PDF , 69.4 Ko) Salons & collectionneurs (PDF , 64.5 Ko) Sculpture (PDF , 67.6 Ko) Thématiques & monographies (PDF , 65.2 Ko) Usuels (PDF , 53.5 Ko)

Press reviews

  • Ernest Cognacq's collection prior to the museum opening
  • Ernest Cognacq's death
  • The opening of the Cognacq-Jay museum on Boulevard des Capucines in 1929

Documents in French available upon request

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