Filming and shooting

Hotel Donon is a listed historical monument, offering a unique setting for photography and filming, both indoors and outdoors.

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Façade du musée

Hotel Donon, built in 1575, is a splendid testimony to the outstanding architecture of the residences and the refinement of 18th century society. Inside, the successive wood-panelled lounges that make up the spaces for the permanent collections provide an intimate and elegant setting. Outside, the cobbled courtyard and the "French-style" garden bear witness to the historic Marais area.

Terms and conditions

Filming and photography at the Cognacq-Jay Museum can be organised on Mondays (closing day) and outside opening hours, from Tuesday to Sunday before 10am and after 6pm. Adjustments to these availability times are possible on request.

The Lazare Rachline garden is a public place managed in collaboration with the Department of Green Areas and the Environment (DEVE) of the City of Paris. With the authorisation of the museum and the DEVE, filming can be organised there every day of the week.

Shooting is subject to image rights and regulations that define the use of the municipal public domain including the museums of the City of Paris. An agreement is established between the production company and the public sector establishment, Paris Museums. This particularly applies to the setting of royalty levels.

You can also find all the information on filming in Paris on the pages of Paris Film Office, the Cinema Department of the City of Paris.