Becoming a patron means becoming part of the history of the Museum, which owes its creation to passionate collectors Ernest Cognacq and Marie-Louise Jay.

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The Cognacq-Jay museum is a collectors’ museum born out of the passion interest of the Cognacq-Jays in 18th century art. When Ernest Cognacq died, the bequeathing of their collection to the City of Paris gave rise to our institution, which now receives almost 70 000 visitors every year.
Your contribution is highly valued and could prove crucial:

  • To support an exhibition and make it possible to hold a prestigious artistic event equipped with original teaching resources.
  • To contribute to the purchase or restoration of iconic works of art to enrich the Museum’s collection
  • Contribute to the restoration and recovery of Parisian architectural heritage through Donon Hotel by supporting during the 21st century
  • Support an ambitious policy to provide access for sectors of the public not familiar with culture: mediation tools, themed workshops, partnerships with stakeholders in the social sphere.

Businesses and Funds

You may make a practical commitment by contributing in cash, in kind, or in skills.  Although patronage is a philanthropic action without a direct return, the law does, however, allow the beneficiary to thank the patron through advantages in “clear disproportion” with the sums given and the value of the service provided - within an accepted limit of 25% of the amount of the gift.
Taxation law on patronage also allows you to benefit from a reduction in Company Tax (IS) of 60% of the gifted amount limited to 0.5% of ex-VAT turnover (it is possible to carry it over to the following 5 years if the threshold is exceeded or if you make a loss in the year the gift was donated).


The museum offers its patrons tailor-made advantages:

  • Linking your name with that of the Museum through visibility on our communication media
  • Exhibition passes
  • Participation in visits and exclusive meetings (collections, installation of exhibitions, reserves)
  • Organisation of prestigious receptions of up to 100 people
  • Advantages within the Paris Musées network: annual subscriptions, passes, etc.


Sponsoring operations are considered to be commercial activities to promote the sponsor’s image and are subject to invoicing inclusive of VAT. As a sponsor, you will have advantages in return for your commitment.

Private individuals

Every contribution contributes to the improvement and dynamics of the Cognacq-Jay Museum. Your cash contribution will lead to a tax reduction equal to 66% of the sum paid, within the annual limit of 20% of your taxable income (possibility of carrying over onto the following 5 years, should you go over this ceiling.) To give to the City of Paris Museums, you may send a cheque payable to “Paris Musées” by letter post to the following address:

Paris Musées
Service comptabilité
27 rue des Petites Écuries
75010 Paris

To receive a tax receipt and benefit from the tax reduction available for private sponsors, please enclose a letter explaining that this is your wish. You will then receive a tax receipt at the postal address you indicate.
City of Paris museums also accept donations and legacies and may be designated as beneficiary or all or part of a life insurance policy.