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Second Canvas




  • Learn about the history of our decorative arts and furniture pieces avec through the videos made by Ariane Fennetaux, an historian specialised in the 18th-century. These videos were created as part of Global Matters, a research programme on history of techniques and material culture.
  • Get lost in the details of our masterpieces by François Boucher, Rembrandt or Canaletto on the free app Second Canvas, available on Android and iOS. More than 20 major artworks from the Cognacq-Jay collection have been scanned in high-definition, allowing to zoom in on all details of the painting with no picture degradation.


  • Discover our sculptures from every angle Découvrir nos sculptures sous tous les angles grâce thanks to the 3D scans. Designed especially for the visually impaired visitors, 9 terracotta and marble sculptures by Clodion, Houdon, Chinard or Falconet are available online. Their models are free to download and use.


  • Follow us on social media : artwork details, stories, secrets from the storage rooms, video interviews...

Kids & families

  • Listen to "Once upon a museum", a series of youth podcasts about the museums of Paris. The episode "A passion for the 18th century" tells the fascinating story of the Cognacq-Jay's collection.