Welcome to our new website

Bright, easy-to-use and responsive: the new museum website is online!


The Cognacq-Jay museum is happy to welcome you on its brand new website published at the end of October 2021 after a complete redesign.

Thought as a museum's showcase, the website uses a bright and sober aesthetics aiming to emphasize artworks and images. Responsive design allows comfortable browsing with mobile devices.

The museum collection is at the forefront: 12 major artworks are highlighted through an animated storytelling that focuses on their details. Boucher's Diana after the hunt, Rembrandt's Balaam's Ass or Clodion's Monument to a dog are part of these animations. Dedicated contents have also been created for a hundred artworks: text description, link to download copyright-free hi-res images, access to very high-resolution scans or 3D models for sculptures. The whole collection remains accessible on the Paris Musées collections web portal.

Website design: Gaya

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