Weisweiler, Adam (1744 - 1820)

Writing desk

Temporarily away,

Date : Vers 1780
Support and technique : Bois (matériau), Bronze, Marbre, Cuir = peau, Soie, Dorure
Size : H. 114 x l. 65 x P. 33 cm
Inventory number : J 385
Estampille : Estampille au dos à droite, à côté de la patte de fixation du bronze : (A WEISWEILER)

This bonheur-du-jour, a conventional term used from the 1750s to refer to a small writing desk, is representative of Weisweiler's production. The spinning-top feet, fine, delicate strips of amaranth and gilt bronzes underline the furniture’s sober, elegant design. The colour variations created by the diversity of precious and exotic wood species next to marble is also part of Weisweiler's formal repertoire. The upper part opens with two glass doors concealing eight shelves supported by a system of racks. The table itself has two large lower shelves covered with recessed white marble. A leather-covered sliding tablet may be pulled out from the central frame to be used as a writing pad. These mechanisms reveal the very functional aspect of this type of furniture and emphasise its vocation as a "secret cabinet". This small secretary’s desk, traditionally described as "flying", meaning mobile at the whim of its owner, appears to be characteristic of the neoclassical taste then in vogue.


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