Lavreince, Nicolas (Niklas Lafrensen ; dit le Jeune) (1737 - 1807)

A Word of Advice

Temporarily away,

Date : Vers 1780
Support and technique : Gouache, Papier
Size : H. 25 x l. 20.5 cm
Inventory number : J 160

Niklas Lafrensen was born in Stockholm, dividing his artistic life between Sweden and Paris. A miniaturist like his father, Lavreince made many trips to the French capital between 1771 and 1789. There he developed his talents as a gouache painter by depicting interior scenes with documentary precision in his portrayal of their decor as well as the social practices they reflected. His work was widely disseminated through engravings. The work presents a friendly conversation between two women in a tastefully decorated bedroom typical of the 1780s. The two figures are dressed in light dresses in bright colours. This cosy genre scene evokes the daily life of a bourgeois woman busily writing correspondence, having conversations with friends or even practising music, as evidenced by the presence of the instrument on the armchair. The range of colours with harmoniously matching pinks and blues lends extreme softness to the scene.


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