Violin-shaped Tablet Case

Temporarily away,

Date : Entre 1750 et 1770
Support and technique : Porcelaine, Or, Ivoire
Size : H. 14 cm x l. 4.5 cm x P. 2.2 cm x P. 81.6 g
Inventory number : J619
Numéro de délivrance du legs : A l'encre rouge : "H. 210"

This tablet case could have served as a ballroom notebook on which young girls wrote down the list of dances they granted to their partners. The choice of the shape of the violin, through its allusion to one of the instruments used by dance orchestras, is particularly suited to this use, which appeared in the 18th century. The same is true of the decoration of musician Love figures in a landscape. The notebook cover, in Saxon porcelain, protects the thin ivory sheets on which the names of the dancers were written using a gold propelling pencil ingeniously hidden in the body of the violin. The handle conceals a smelling salts bottle, the stopper of which is shaped like a small woman's head.

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