Fragonard, Marie-Anne (1745 - 1823)

Portrait presumed to be of Rosalie Fragonard

Exposé en salle

Date : Vers 1780
Support and technique : Aquarelle, Gouache, Ivoire, Bronze, Dorure
Size : H. 7.2 x l. 6 cm
Inventory number : J728
Numéro de délivrance du legs : Au dos, en rouge : "D 73"

The miniature, with its small size and frame protecting the fragile medium of the base (ivory, vellum or enamel), adorned boxes or clothing and was worn for both aesthetic and sentimental reasons. Here, frozen in a hieratic or pensive position, the model is captured in a close, instantaneous snapshot. This portrait, presumed to be that of Rosalie Fragonard, daughter of the painter of the same name and artist Marie-Anne Gérard, reflects the familiarity of the author with her model. The keenness with which the artist represents the attitude and diaphanous complexion of the young girl testifies to the extreme thoroughness of which miniaturists, whose task was to disseminate true-to-life images during the Enlightenment period, were capable. The art of miniature painting was very often the speciality of female artists. Marie-Anne Fragonard , who worked with her husband, was a recognised artist and exhibited a large number of miniatures under her maiden name. Her light  brush strokes, use of both watercolour and gouache, and the attractive colours she used were appreciated by art lovers.


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