Phoenix or Fong Hoang on a Rock

Exposé en salle

Date : Vers 1750
Support and technique : Porcelaine, Email (technique céramique), Bronze, Dorure
Size : H. 57 x l. 23.5 x P. 12.5 cm
Inventory number : J 873

The phoenix, a fabled mythical bird, is a symbol of eternity and rebirth. This legend from the Far East has been assimilated by Western Europe since the Middle Ages. Rarely represented in the round and in these dimensions, this phoenix was undoubtedly produced by a factory in Jingdezhen or Canton for commercial purposes. Fitted with a gilt bronze frame in the mid-18th century, the statuette is above all a decorative object. The formal elegance associated with varying brightly coloured enamels from the "Pink family" (light blue, soft green, lemon yellow, bright pink and orange) make it a precious luxury object. Fong Hoang, named after a legendary Chinese phoenix, stands proud and impassive on its rocky pedestal, in full view of curious observers in search of the exotic.


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