Bautte, Jean-François (1772 - 1837)

Perfume Spray Gun

Exposé en salle

Date : Vers 1800
Size : H. 5.6 cm x l. 12.3 cm x P. 1.6 cm x P. 66.9 g
Inventory number : J 620
Numéro de délivrance du legs : A l'encre rouge : "H. 211"

The elegance of its shape and the ingenuity of this blue and red-enamelled gold spray gun enriched with fine pearls make it stand out among the museum’s rich collection of 260 precious objects. The small round end of the barrel opens out into a corolla of petals, revealing the heart of the flower in gold, perforated so as to distil the scents. The small medallion decorated with a mask is mounted on a hinge and opens onto a compartment. In other copies, this compartment houses a watch. The translucent enamelling technique on gold guilloche and the quality of the carving illustrate the excellence of the artisans at the end of the Old Regime and the refined taste of their customers. At the end of the 18th century, artists tried to outdo each other in their use of fantasy, imagining all kinds of new, surprising shapes in which to hide everyday essentials, watches and bottles. These containers were used to contain the perfumes or smelling salts which ladies put to great use.

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