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The Patina of Time

Conserving and restoring works of art
From 11 September to 30 December 2012

An initiative which explores the inherent fragility of works of art, the way they age, the actions we can take to stave off the ravages of time and the potential and limitations of restoration work.

Fourteen richly-illustrated educational panels are scattered throughout the rooms of the museum, in direct proximity to the works in question. They address the delicate issue of the conservation and restoration of art works in a straightforward, educational manner without being simplistic or disingenuous, touching on questions such as: Do we restore works in an attempt to return them to their original state? What constitutes a ‘good condition’ for a painting? What do we do with broken sculptures?

This initiative is an extension of the book of the same name, The Patina of Time, published in 2011 by Honorary Director Georges Brunel and current Director of the Musée Cognacq-Jay José de Los Llanos.

José de Los Llanos, Head Curator and Director of the Musée Cognacq-Jay

Museum closure
Due to the health context, the Cognacq-Jay museum is currently closed.
The museum is preparing to reopen in July. More information coming soon.