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Film shoots and image rights

Film and photoshoots

Film and photo shoots can be held at the Musée Cognacq-Jay subject to prior approval. Processing time for applications is approximately three weeks. The museum staff can help welcome your team, as well as coordinating and assisting with requests for filming permits.

Download our film and photoshoot brochure


Image reproductions

High-quality photographs of works from the Cognacq-Jay collections can be obtained from the agency responsible for handling such digital resources and managing the City of Paris’ photographic archives: la Parisienne de Photographie.
La Parisienne de Photographie is a local public-private initiative responsible for publishing and managing reproductions of artworks for use in exhibitions, catalogues or research works. Requests for official reproductions for publication purposes should be addressed directly to the agency. A selection of images is also available on the website:

The agency Roger-Viollet is responsible for the commercial distribution of images for professional use in the press, publishing, advertising etc. Digital collections are accessible online for professional users via the site



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