Exhibition past 09 September to 05 December 2021

Musées dessinés

Christelle Téa
Salon Boucher, Musée Cognacq-Jay

The exhibition « Musées dessinés » gathers over 60 drawings made on the spot by artist Christelle Téa in the 14 museums and sites belonging to the City of Paris.

For a whole season, the young artist graduated from the Paris’ School of Fine Arts immersed herself in the Cognacq-Jay museum to draw its daily life extensively. From one drawing to the other, she delivers a intimate story of the museum where rooms and artworks are equally portrayed.

The exhibition fosters connections between contemporary art and the 18th-century collections from the Cognacq-Jay museum.

Christelle Téa is an independant artist. She works in Paris and draws from life not only portraits but also interiors and landscapes, or all together. 


Affiche CT


Annick Lemoine, director of the Cognacq-Jay museum

Sixtine de Saint-Léger, curation attachée at the Cognacq-Jay museum


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