Carlin, Martin (1730 - 1785)

Chest of drawers

Exposé en salle

Date : Vers 1770
Support and technique : Bois (matériau), Bronze, Dorure
Size : H. 83 x l. 106.5 x P. 56.6 cm
Inventory number : J 392
Estampille : Estampille sur le montant arrière gauche : (M. CARLIN)
Poinçon de jurande : Poinçon de jurande sur le montant arrière gauche : (JME)

Along with Œben, Weisweiler, and above all Riesener, Carlin contributed significantly to the formation of the new style revealed here in these chests of drawers from the Transition era; the architecture and decor must also be compared to Lacroix's chest. The veneer and marquetry work designed by Martin Carlin, rarer than the Sèvres porcelain or Japanese lacquer furniture decorations which have earned him a great reputation are, however, of high quality, as these two chests of drawers demonstrate. The lattice marquetry is original: four-leaf patterns are inserted into a diamond pattern of intertwined batons, which is quite rare, simulating a perspective effect. This marquetry is a sort of signature in that it reflects the neoclassical taste with its geometric rigour and sober elegance highly valued by the contemporary elite. The association of plants with an inlaid geometric network is also found in Riesener’s work. The latter created his dressers more systematically with diamond latticework revealing sunflower flowers in their centres.

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