Blerzy, Joseph-Etienne (1750 - 1806)


Temporarily away,

Date : Entre 1777 et 1778
Size : H. 2.1 cm x l. 8.2 cm x P. 6.1 cm x P. 140.9 g
Inventory number : J488
Poinçon de maître : Poinçon de Joseph-Etienne Blerzy
Poinçon de charge : Poinçon de Jean-Baptiste Fouache
Poinçon de décharge : Poinçon de Jean-Baptiste Fouache
Poinçon de décharge : Poinçon d'Henry Clavel et Jean-François Kalendrin
Poinçon de jurande : (O)
Poinçon : Poinçon du XIXème siècle : (une petite fleur d'edelweiss et une tête de bélier)
Numéro de délivrance du legs : A l'encre rouge : "H. 21"

The Cognacq-Jay Museum collection includes several boxes made by goldsmith Joseph-Étienne Blerzy. He excelled in the invention of boxes, cases and essential accessories of all kinds, distinguished by the refinement of their translucent enamels on guilloche gold. This is the case for this round box, which could have served as a candy container. These were luxury objects par excellence, crystallising the virtuosity said to be "en petit" (expressed in small objects), of the best goldsmiths and giving rise to fabulous technical inventions. On the royal blue enamel cover, there are small gold circles with a central half pearl in pale green enamel; tiny crosses formed from leaves crisscross this background, while the centre is adorned with a rosette of brilliant-cut diamonds. The same decoration has been adjusted to fit the cover and the back of the box. The borders are formed from gold leaves interwoven with half pearls.

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